Sunday, December 20, 2009

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I know what you hate doing? Working. Especially really boring repetitive work like adding friends on twitter, adding friends on facebook, account creation on web 2.0 profiles, building links, posting articles, report building, bookmarking and uploading videos. As you know it gets boring FAST…

So I wondered how I can free up more time and get more free time to enjoy life work done. I researched many pre-made bots which proved expensive, ultimately I'd need to spend $100's of dollars every month on subscriptions to get half of what I wanted.

I spent about 3 months learning a few scripting languages such as imacros but bot creation took absolutely forever, updates were a nightmare & the scripts didn't work on a lot of different pc setups.

Obviously this system wasn't working, I'd almost given up when I discovered UBot by accident. Like many of the readers here I wince everytime I see a new toy or piece of software, I've bought many and they have been absolute rubbish. The price tag of $245 was a little on the high side for an untested product but I figured if I could automate even a couple of bots quickly I'd be able to make my money back.

First impressions, after watching Seths training videos he made it look so easy so I jumped in straight away and tried to follow the tutorials. I won't lie, it was hard going for the first few hours but I managed to make a semi useful bot.

My first bot wasn't pretty, it wasn't a masterpiece by any means but it worked almost perfectly. I had made a bot that would scrape google for search results (Really useful for SEO stuff, Blog commenting etc) It saved all the urls into a text file for me, which could be read into future bots easily.

I decided to create a bot to make comments on BlogEngine blogs, it was quick to code. When I had written an imacros script to do this it took me 3-4 days to get it right, i'd spent a lot of time scripting the automatic de-captcha system. Using Ubot it was much faster, using the built in decaptcher function I was able to get the bot written in a couple of hours.

UBot did have some teething problems during the first couple of weeks it was out, I lost a good afternoons work one day writing a bot only for Ubot not to load properly the next time I opened it. Now I make multiple copies of bots as I'm coding, I suggest you do the same.

UBot support has been great so far with Seth the owner answering most questions in the support forum quickly. UBot has been updated almost everyday since I purchased it with many added new features.

I made a couple of small bots for a SEO guy I know (Brian from Flint Ads) he has now switched over from paying for links to now building his own custom packages and charging others for the service. are also switching over from promoting Senuke and some other bots to promoting UBot exclusively.

Quick list of Advantages:
  • Super fast to code bots compared to normal scripting.
  • Built in decapcher function.
  • Updated frequently.
  • Makes .exe applications so they will work on most PC's.
  • Incredibly diverse.
  • Good support.
  • Great way for non-programmers to make their own applications.
  • Lots of video tutorials.
Quick list of Disadvantages:
  • Learning curve is steep to being with.
  • $245 price tag is steep. I would have preferred a $15-25 a month option.
  • Bugs do happen so you need to keep multiple back ups.
  • No multi-threading yet. Update: Multi-threading in Pro version!

Overall Review:

I'm impressed and the people I have made bots for are impressed at the quick turnaround times I can make. Overall I would recommend this product :)